SQS specialise in the supply of Network Attached Storage (NAS) & Tape Storage Devices. We cater for all sizes and all types of customer from SOHO to multi site Corporate environments.
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Easily backup, synchronize, or restore your files to another drive, FTP server, ZIP file, networked drive, or removable media.

Highly configurable, SyncBackSE includes: open/locked file copying; fast backups; detailed and easy to read log files; email results; simulated backups and restore; file filters; sub-directory selection; copy verification; background backups; auto-close of programs; easy and expert modes; profile groups; compare files, and an extensive context sensitive help file.

As well as English, SyncBackSE is also currently available in French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

SyncBackSE, developed by 2BrightSparks, is a multi-award winning solution with tens of thousands of users. SyncBackSE provides a dependable way of ensuring digital files are safe with a simple interface that enables the first time user to backup and save their valuable data within minutes.

As well as an 'Easy Mode' for essential backup, restore, and synchronization tasks, SyncBackSE has an 'Expert Mode' that delivers advanced functionality. If you need to backup to an FTP server or network and email the results this is where you'll fine-tune the software. SSL (implicit and explicit), MODE Z compression, and one-time-passwords are supported.

Help is always close to hand if you run into difficulties. A comprehensive context sensitive help file provides easily accessible instructions and guidance about all aspects of using SyncBackSE. Simply click a help button at the bottom of the window you happen to have open, and you'll get taken straight to the help page for that task. In addition an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section provides all the answers you're likely to ask when carrying out a backup, restore, or synchronization task. A lively public forum is also available at the 2BrightSparks website that provides additional help and information.

Great Benefits
SyncBackSE allows you to copy locked/open files (XP/2003), enjoy the benefits of a great FTP engine, and speed through backups using 'Fast Backup'.

Easy and Expert Modes
SyncBackSE has both an Easy and Expert mode that makes it perfect for both beginners and power users.

Extensive Options
SyncBackSE allows the user to fine tune their backup and synchronization tasks with a comprehensive array of options.

Generous Licensing
Personal users may legally use SyncBackSE on up to 5 computers for home use so all your backup needs are covered with one small payment.

Industry Leading Help and Support
SyncBackSE comes with an extensive Help File, and users can access our dedicated Support Area which features our KnowledgeBase, FAQs, TroubleShooter and more.

  • Backup Protect your data
    Backup all your important files anytime with a single click, & use the scheduler to automate your backups.
  • Restore Recover your lost files easily
    When disaster strikes, click a single button to restore. Save stress and time with a simple recovery process.
  • Copy Open Files (XP/2003) Backup 'live' documents
    Now there's no need to close your programs to backup files. Keep Outlook, Word, Excel etc. running as your files are backed up.
  • Incremental Backups Does what is required
    Only new and changed files are copied. Incremental backups are supported, and variables can be used, e.g. backup to a folder based on the current date.
  • FTP and Email Online access
    Backup or sync files with an FTP server. Encryption, compression, and Unicode is supported. Auto email the results of your backup.
  • Performance & Throttling As fast as can be
    Everything is done as fast as it possibly can be. If you need to slow it down, e.g. limit bandwidth usage, then you can.
  • Help Industry leading online support
    Complete and exhaustive help file. Free technical support, online forums, knowledge base, and frequently asked questions.
  • Synchronize Work with 2 or more computers
    Ensure your workstation, laptop, and networked computers have the same files. Let 'Smart Sync' do the work.
  • Secure Keep confidential data private
    Keep your backups completely secure with 256-bit AES encryption. Military level security ensures your peace of mind.
  • Compression Keep your files small
    Compress your backups using the latest compression technology. You can compress an unlimited size, and an unlimited number of files.
  • Automation Set it and forget it
    Once you've created your backup/sync profile you can have it scheduled to run without any user interaction. You don't need to remember to backup your files.
  • Multi-Award Winning Consistently rated number 1
    Winner of a World Class Award from PC World Magazine, and over thirty other top web and magazine awards.
  • Great Price Outstanding value
    A single user license for SyncBackSE covers its use on up to 5 computers for personal use. Volume licensing for businesses.
  • Advanced Customization A superb array of options
    SyncBackSE has a dazzling array of options for advanced users. Check out the Comprehensive List of Features.


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